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Reexamination of insurance

Corporate fire insurance
We will contribute to cost reduction by insurance adjustment

Have you been continuing contracting insurance for many years with being pushed forward?
Have you reviewed compensation content of the insurance?

Self-check of contract contents Corporate fire insurance

There is a possibility to be able to shave costs if the following as much as one item applies. First of all, please contact us.

Check 1Annoying as there is a lot of insurance policies.

  • Because there are several pieces of insurance policies, and due dates of the insurance are scattered, are management and a renovation procedure troublesome?
  • Are you sure not to have any leakage of the insurance contract of all the buildings, equipment, fixtures, and goods?

We collect possession articles of your company into one insurance policy and simplify the contract procedure.

By simplifying contract procedure, the troublesomeness of management and the leak of an insurance contract are solved. Moreover, you can make a contract including the object which your company, its subsidiary, or an associated company owns.
* There are certain conditions in the subsidiary and associated company which can include.

Check 2The contents of compensation is not to be grasped.

  • Are the accidents such as, the theft of goods, the scribble to a building, etc. the objects of compensation?
  • Are the expense to continue a loss and business of the benefit from fire accidents the objects of the compensation?

The damages caused by various accidents are compensated.

In addition to the damage by accidents such as flood disaster, an electrical mechanical accident, and damages, we also guarantee the damage by the theft of the product. The content of amends has been greatly expanded than usual fire insurance or store comprehensive insurance.
note: It is also possible that amends exclude dangerous thefts of the commodity and the product, etc. (special contract that products are not targeted for theft danger)

Check 3The amount of compensation of the accident of all cases are the same.

  • Is the protection of the fire accident and the flood damage accident the same?
  • Is the self-pay all right for the small accident?

The payment limit and the deductible of each type of accident can be set.

The payment limit and the deductible of each type of accident can be set, so you can save insurance premiums reasonable.
※ Deductible : The amount which is subtracted from the amount money of loss. The deductive is the insured's individual coverage.

Check 4If you have never received suggestion about the reduction of the premium

  • Paying for unnecessary coverage?
  • Discounts according to risks, such as location, building structure, crime prevention and disaster mitigation measures have been applied?

Rational insurance design depending on your needs

Depending on the possibility that an accident targeted for compensation happens, All the following contents or either can be removed from compensation. "wind damage, hail damage, snow damage, flood disaster, electrical / mechanical accident, the unexpected and sudden accident"(Except for fire, lightning, explosion, and explosion)
Reviewing the scope of compensation, you can design a reasonable insurance and cut the excess compensation insurance premiums. You can also apply discounts in insurance premiums depending on the location, building structures, crime prevention, disaster prevention, etc. "

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