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Multi language menu creation

Multi language menu Creation "TAGOSAKUSAN"
All service including translation, design and layout are offered through one-stop

Multi language menu Creation, "TAGOSAKUSAN" is one-stop service including to translate Japanese menu and handle at once by layout and create multi language menu in the low price easily.

You are able to reduce time and cost if you use "TAGOSAKUSAN"

Multilingual menu / Globalization / Get inbound foreign customers

Do you feel to increase the customers of tourists because of inbound tourists 
Even if tourists come the store, it is not linked in sales because they can't read Japanese menu.
Did you give up creating multi language menu?
Because you don't know you create the menu how is flow and are troublesome to write out.

If you use 'Multi language menu Creation, "TAGOSAKUSAN", we will create one stop from handling of translation to layout menu when you only prepare Japanese design data.

The flow from request to complete.

When you create menu such as food & beverage for foreign customers.

  1. Translate Japanese existing menu of Japanese.
  2. Insert the translated language into the layout of the exiting menu.
It needs process which means times and costs such as ……

If you use "TAGOSAKUSAN" , we provide all such as  translation and  layout .

Price plans

There are 3 types of plan.
We introduce optimum plan according to customer requests (It will be charged per language)


13,000yen -
/ 1page

This plan is only ordinary translation.
It doesn't include to create menu.

Receiving a manuscript we need
Text file such as word and excel.


15,000yen -
/ 1page

For existing menu, we translate specified language, after that, we complete menu to use illustrator file you upload.

Receiving a manuscript we need
AI file of existing menu


22,000yen -
/ 1page

Even if you don't have AI file, we reproduce the existing menu from PDF etc.

Receiving a manuscript we need
PDF and another file of existing menu

Possible translation languages

In addition to English, Chinese, and Korean accounted for a percentage of 80 about tourists , recently population of visitors from Southeast Asia increases so that we create menu your needs in Thai and Vietnamese

  • English
  • Thai
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese

Please leave it to us about multilingualization of Japanese menu.

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